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Being in Kuantan is a whole new experience to me..from the day i put my step on the kuantan soil till at this very moment, a lot of things had happened..sweet, sour, bitter..you named it..all you can feel and taste here..

1st, bout the place..from 1 to 10 scale, i would probably give 7..a lot of nice place here for you guys to enjoy..one of the must-go place is Teluk Cempedak..quite a nice place [although a bit crowded with people]for you to release your tension, especially after a tiring day..a lot of other places such as Sungai Pandan, Sungai Lembing, Pantai Berserah, Bukit Panorama, Bukit Pelindung & lots of other places that had yet to discover [by me of course]..

bout the cost of living, emmmm..how should i say this..@#$*&^%!@#)(!^#%@...[seems like the words are not suitable for the minors] If had other places in your mind, please proceed with it..that is my only advice..

then, the traffic..fortunately, as a rider, traffic is not a problem..but if you are a driver, then you should think twice bout living here..Kuantan's drivers are much much more hyper-energetic than KL [i wonder how they passed their JPJ test]...

the weather are according to places..if you are in town, its a damn hot place..but if you are in the countryside, its more comfortable than you can imagine..please, preserve the forest..

I was wondering, what would Kuantan be in the next 5 years..hemmmm

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Luqman5290 August 13, 2010 at 11:33 PM  

The driving schools and the 'license centre' in Kuantan are corrupt. Seriously...

Kuantan is quickly adding more and more 'stuff' because Najib is the PM. I expect that the town will be more congested within the next few years.

-syahir- August 15, 2010 at 12:32 AM  

haaa..no wonder in just a few weeks, there had been accidents..huhuhu..

same goes to muar or pagoh more specifically coz muhyiddin yassin is the TPM..everything is a bout politics..

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