What Next???

Being in Kuantan is a whole new experience to me..from the day i put my step on the kuantan soil till at this very moment, a lot of things had happened..sweet, sour, bitter..you named it..all you can feel and taste here..

1st, bout the place..from 1 to 10 scale, i would probably give 7..a lot of nice place here for you guys to enjoy..one of the must-go place is Teluk Cempedak..quite a nice place [although a bit crowded with people]for you to release your tension, especially after a tiring day..a lot of other places such as Sungai Pandan, Sungai Lembing, Pantai Berserah, Bukit Panorama, Bukit Pelindung & lots of other places that had yet to discover [by me of course]..

bout the cost of living, emmmm..how should i say this..@#$*&^%!@#)(!^#%@...[seems like the words are not suitable for the minors] If had other places in your mind, please proceed with it..that is my only advice..

then, the traffic..fortunately, as a rider, traffic is not a problem..but if you are a driver, then you should think twice bout living here..Kuantan's drivers are much much more hyper-energetic than KL [i wonder how they passed their JPJ test]...

the weather are according to places..if you are in town, its a damn hot place..but if you are in the countryside, its more comfortable than you can imagine..please, preserve the forest..

I was wondering, what would Kuantan be in the next 5 years..hemmmm

Start Playing Chess!!!

Chess??ade ape dgn chess??haaa..leklu..kte story2 dlu..mase kecik2, chess ibarat my faveret snek..boring je makan..xde keje je makan..free je makan..mase kecik terer gak la..my cousins, even my father kalah lawan chess against me..hahaha..bukan nak poyo, tp reality..

Tp masuk high school, ‘snek’ tu semakin di lupakan ..x tau la sbb ape..maybe, salah 1 faktor nye, budak2 yg terer chess terlalu terer (penah kalah straight 25-0 lawan sorg member nie). So, motivasi diri utk bermain hilang seperti peragut meragut rantai emas milik mangsa ragut..

But, that is not my point..the point is, playing chess brings a lot of benefit to you (at least for me)..maen chess bukan sekadar ‘makan’ buah & men-checkmate-kan lawan..if you are really into chess, you need more than that..

First, kebolehan utk meramal mase dpn..haa..nie bukan nak jd tukang tilik ke ape..nie nak mengagak step yg akan di buat oleh your opponent..bukan senang tau nak bace fikiran org..tp nie la yg paling ganas coz when we know which step that he/she will take, then we have already won the game..tp nie bukan main skali 2 dah bleh bce bace step lawan..kne ade byk pengalaman bru bleh capai tahap nie..

Then, the ability utk mem-plan or merancang...nak maen dgn cemerlang, player kne ade not only plan a but b n sometimes even plan c nak counter move yg opponent wat..kalo maen, tgk opponent jln, then br nak piker jln ape,haa..bye-bye..ma’assalamah(Dr Salah)..we have to be not 1 but 2 step ahead from the opponent to take control the game..tu bru player yg berwibawa..

Cukup la tu..kang x sampai lak my actual point..what i wanna say is that, dgn kemahiran2 td, kte bleh aplikasi kan nye dlm kehidupan kte..for those yg sebaya dgn aku, kte spatut nye dah ade dah rancgn utk mase depan kte..nak wat ape, bli ape, kawin bile, keje kat mane and ect..kte spatut nye dah nmpk dah samar2, mcm mane mase dpn kte..kte bleh agak ape yg kte nak lakukan..so, kte dah bleh la start merancg something..ade org kate ‘lek la..follow the flow’..ini la salah 1 gaya pemikiran org skrg..kalo org suruh makan *@#&, makn la eh?pemikiran mcm 2 x patut ade dlm minda kte..tekan right click, delete..pastu, empty the recycle bin..bukan ape.. kalo kte terlalu follow the flow, takut nnt dah nak dkt2 ‘jln mati’, kte x sempat nak patah blik..2 amat bahaya..kalo x kuat iman, silap2 kte akan amek short-cut (bunuh diri)..

Kadang2, ape yg kte rancng x sume jd..laen di rancg, laen yg jadi..2 sume takdir la..redha ape yg berlaku coz Allah knows what the best for us..yg penting, kte dah berusaha..make 2 or 3 plans for anything coz bile ade masalah, kte dah ade backup plan..idup kne systematic, bru the flow of our life smooth je..what i wrote here is also as a reminder for myself..so, same2 la kte cube melaksanakan nye...

And, jgn terlalu mengharap kat mak ayah..kesian kat diorg yg dah terlalu byk berkorban utk kte..kalo nak something, try to achieve it on your own..kalo dah x mampu, bru la mnx diorg support skit..

p/s:bagi mereka2 yg dah berhajat nak mendiri kan rumah tangge, jgn la harap sgt duit mak ayah..yg nak kawin korg, bukan depa..kalo depa yg bayar sume, bukan korg yg kawin makne nye..ok???

sori kalo ade yg terase or ape..just to share my thought with all of you..
peace =]

Now I Get It

It has been a while since my last post..Sampai t'lupe ade blog utk d tulis..Well, Bile bace balik post2 lepas, PEH...bapak boring..its so lame..well, tgk2 gak blog yg byk followers..most of them wrote about their life.. ade yg x interesting mane pn citer idup die..tp followers bratus..now i realise..org melayu suke jge tepi kaen org (no offense ok)..org laen suke bce citer n kisah idup insan laen..yela, sume org ade life story..ade kisah2 yg lucu, sedih, excitement, n so on..

Plus, followers2 kbykn nye suke bce bhse kbgsaan rather that english or japan or bhse laen..sbb unsur2 humour@klaka sampai n diorg paham..kalo english, walau pn ade unsur humour, org kadang2 ckp, 'what?','x phm bende ko ckp nie'..so, org lagi suke bhse mlayu..easy measy..hahaha..

so, atas sbb itu (n sbb muet aku dpt band 3 jek)..aku nak tuko lingua franca blog aku nie to bhse mlayu rojak..huhuhuhu. yer r, kne improve gak bi aku..kang nak g interview ape2, x reti ckp, menggeletar lutut..huhuhu

post ini akan menjd batu loncatan (ceh, simpulan bahase beb)n peneraju kpd post2 yg akan dtg...

so, smell you later..

Grab A Hold Of It

I don't know whether I should keep on writing in English or not. This is all because of MUET.Damn man. I only managed to get band 3. Seems that I know nothing about English. I don't know what else to do. Can we recheck back our paper? All my friends got at least band 4 (1 of my friend got band 6) and most of them are on the lower level of English compared to me. But still, I believe in faith. Maybe, there is something that will come later on. I pray for the best.

Well, you know, I'm not in the mood to write anything. Guess I will stop here. Sorry about this post that give no benefit to you. Smell you later.

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